Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Pink Shapes

I started seeing little pink shapes on my sight. I wish I could just fall asleep. The Persian is right next to me… laying in the shadow of the black’s death. The Crows must stop making annoying sounds. Why can’t we just stop falling in love with someone we don’t even know?

This white spot of light is killing me, killing my brain as if it has been even existed. Why do we even need friends? Why is it so important to be cared by someone else? Is it really something we look forward to?

My chocolate cereal is waiting for me. There is a footstep on the ceiling. I wouldn’t look at my back side, expecting to see a polar bear.

When someone have his rights to blame you with non-sense, why can’t you just blame him back? Why is it so bad?

The church’s bells are being tolled when the time is for only sleep. People are just sleeping for now or is it supposed to be all the time?

What do seduce the people to mark someone “fucking” else as a “cliché” person, when he’s just trying to tell about his feelings?


What feelings?..

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