Friday, January 20, 2017

On Modern Times

Modern Times draws attention as a criticism of alienation of labour with the
mechanisation caused by industry through Chaplin's character "Charlo". In this 1936
production movie, it is possible to see chaotic atmosphere which the Great Depression
brought about in the extent of social and economical ways. In this respect, it is something like
a live recording of history.

After the World War I, the damages on global economy done by the hegemonic
powers like USA, Germany and England are seen clearly. While the sufferings of the Great Depression, the population of unemployed people strike the attentions, the rise of the modernisation brought about by Fordism (Henry Ford) is criticized. 

"Modern Times: A story of industry, individual enterprise - humanity pursuits the way of happiness." The movie starts with this text which comes upon the scene of a clock strikes 6. It is very possible for us to come to a conclusion like the effect of perception of time on people is changed drastically. In this "modern" period, one can say that people have to work with the machines simultaneously and actually people are not using the machines, they simply become a part of them. The motions of the workers such as starting working and having a break for lunch with the sounds of bells and their being looked like Pavlo's Dog while performing them can be observed. Charlo actually obeys the machine while he tightens the panels on the strip. He has to keep up with the machine's tempo. While doing this, individual's being mechanised is highlighted. The relationship between the boss and the workers is the reminiscent of the relationship between human and robots. Workers' emotions and basic needs are taken for granted and they are expected to obey their "masters" and make their job easier. That's why, to make them work as much as possible, their pace is being accelerated. 

Another detail in the introduction scene is workers' and herd's scenes being given in succession. The human beings who move and act like a herd (which is not actually against their nature) is satirised. "Black sheep" detail is seen in the herd. It is a natural result caused by every rule's bringing about its own exception: it maybe correspondences with the Charlo. I'll come to that later. 

The monotonous life which results from the "innovation" of Ford 's (industrialisation and mechanism) production and consumption in bulk, also reveals a sociological trauma with the alienation of labour, economic chaos. In this "modern" mechanised perception of the world, there is a simplicity that every worker can do, a machine understanding that does not require any skill, a moveable assembly and a tempo that are determined by the machines and obeyed by the workers. As a result of all these, individuals' becoming out of being individuals and turning into a mausoleum bring us back to the metaphor of the lamb herd. There is hardly any solidarity among the workers in the movie. Obedience is the basis. The workers who are fed up with Charlo's clumsiness become aggressive with the fear of being apart from the herd. They turn into monotonous creatures who can not internalise the life. Charlo starts to lose his individuality, obeys the system and prefers imprisonment when he finds himself out of prison under the influence of the cocaine which he accidentally got in the prison sequence. Even when the other prisoners revolt against the police, he takes side with the police. 

Another example of this mechanisation is seen on the scene where the workers are tightening panels on the strip. Not being able to reach the speed of the machine, Charlo begins the to tighten every round object he sees with the key in his hand. He starts to lose his consciousness. He even jumps inside the machine just to catch the panel that he missed. Among the wheels of the machine, he begins to flow like a piece of teeth of a wheel. On the other hand, when the machines' tempo is accelerated just to save time -time for modern society has become the biggest enemy- the price of the slightest glimpse is very heavy and the whole business is in trouble. It is clearly stated that how unfounded and fragile this system , which seems to be perfect, is in fact unfounded. Absurdity also reveals a bigger drama in the scene when Charlo tries to eat with an automatic feeding machine . This feeding machine which is presented to the factory boss is said to be a necessity to reduce lunch breaks and maximise the time for work. In this scene, his boss' place in the hierarchical order is mentioned, just like the puzzle he left halfway in the first scene. He is just an another wheel among the wheels but a bigger one. In the movie, with the mechanisation and with the cause of it, the beginning of loss of self consciousness, a world order is portrayed in a dystopia of Fordism and "harmony" as seen in the Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. 

In a scene, Charlo sees the crowd around the ambulance and learns that a night watchman who has broken his leg is being taken to the hospital. Seeing this, the hurries to take his job for himself. Here again, it is emphasized that the system does not look for qualifications and in fact the emphasis is not given to individuals. 

However, as I pointed out before, Charlo -maybe the black lamb, can be read as a person who cares about individuality although he can not stitch in any business. He is like a portrayal of a silent community. His sense of sympathy for the Little Tramp proves it. This young woman who has lost her mother and lives in poverty and hunger with an unemployed father and her brothers, returns home with a few bananas stolen from a boat on the quay happily. Afterwards, we see that two characters who made friend with one another are seeing the woman who sends her husband to work in a green scene, and starting to dream about a similar life. Actually on that scene, Charlo makes a mockery of hollow bourgeois life with gestures just like a 19th Century romantic. He only intends to show the woman and himself that he is a human again. As a matter of fact, in the dream sequence, grapes hanging from various places of the house, an absurd life like a cow milked at the threshold of the door for breakfast are depicted. Despite all the struggles they can not be a part of that community. Because they have not been since the very beginning. Movie's ending sequence is optimistic as the title "Dawn" suggests. The characters are as happy as they never were.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sliding Through

Can’t see through the looking-glass,
Well, it must be better than tiles.
I’d like to drink your soul
When you die in my arms
And fly…

Lovely, lovely, a little blondie,
Took my heart away
From the girl
I always have.

Well, it has burnt me inside down. Let me be your teddy bear forever. You’re not able to hear me, are you? Keep your love warm for me, I’ll hold you when I need. Will it ever be better than this? Will our souls sign a peace in the lies?

Such a peaceful warrior. Licking upside down, take the African where you cum from. Creepy feelings and such. Death walks around us while we live our lives in a reflection of coincidences chain. Why so serious?

All stories start with a question. Is there an answer for this? Like this ancient philosophy, there is no an answer for anything. Even if there is, we’re not able to find out. So why this big puzzle? Screwing up our heads and minds. We have no any other options than living with lots of unknown shit holes. 

Words are numb, as much as you’re dumb,
Pretend that you’re fine, you’re always mine.
The more you chase me, 
The worse you’ll get me.

Well, well, well… So I can die easy.

Yellow Fall was my favorite season,
It’s not anymore, she said. They are not true, I’m the only one, I should say… 

Smile forever. Purpose of life is to end. Purpose of life is to be purposeless. Bit by bit. Take a glass of yellow milk. Thanks to you I will be done. I will be mindless as we’re walking the line…

Drop, drop, drop. Won’t it ever end, your tears? Something so naive and beautiful as the heart of a hogget. Will your little life understand its price? Have we fooled ourselves for all these years? From the love of a princess, I couldn’t deserve the rest.

Life is so shameful, dear. I must be your life. Can you forgive me? Please, do. 

I love you…

It’s such an awful thing to have your best and only friend dead in your heart. It’s not dead, it’s not forgotten, you always say. But does it even matter? Could you take the time back? Is the only thing we could not defeat death or time? Do we control everything else in the world? 

We want satisfaction.
We want lust.
We want chaos and disorder in our relationships.
We will want our bodies dead.
We will keep our souls in the cage.
Will we ever think we’ve been dying for so long? Each day of our lives erases a part of our souls. 

Blow me away…
Like a tiny flower in our minds, possessing our body holes bit by bit. Thanks a lot the government. “Sex can be liberty, it can also be an entrapment.” Once J. Morrison said. Have you forgotten the keys to my little heart? Have you forgotten to lock or unlock me? 

The beginning of the end… It always tells us how it’d end, how it’d screw us up, how it’d make us mad. When you’re in my arms, I can’t do anything else but sniff you. You’re my glue, you are the blue.

Lizard of the Blizzard, tell me how could you kill the wizard? Was it my fault that you were unpleasant? What is the fault of reasoning? We’re in between Planet of the Apes and Planet of the Monkeys. 

A pet chimp,
A killer pit bull,
Kill the lizard
And be faithful.

My love won’t ever stop for this nature. Wild, absent, and villain shocks and flocks my head. Help me, love. Help the one you’ve loved. I’m in a Tarantino movie, you hit the best shot but I wish I could know how to stop bleeding. It’s too bloody late, your tears have made me dead.

Cats and rabbits,
Never seen your little tips.
From the heart of a hogget,
Laying down in the bed, unpleasant.

I love the beginnings, in spite of the ends. Let’s hug each other. When your head is on my chest, when your little hands come through my body, I feel the best; much better than all the rest.

Love, love, love, I want your love. Forever and ever. I can’t breath without it. I’ve got the reasons for living and dying. What would I want more?

Friday, December 14, 2012


One of the boring days in the neighbourhood. I, today, wake up thirsty as hell, just like the old days. The apartment at which I live is as poisonous as at least the city I live in. I don't mind my sore-throat and I just put the half-empty whisky bottle in my mouth.

I feel a little dizzy once I get up. By getting some help from the furnitures around me, I get myself out of the home, which is possibly the worst one. I have my viewfinder with me. It's as if I curse at all the people who live in this city when I get outside and breath in the nitrous smell in the air. At the people, who think that there is still life in this town. Ten years gone, maybe. How much more can the dirty rain that runs through the cracked walls contaminate me and this city? This city is like a recycle bin. It somehow can't get me, you, and the radiation out of the place, it constantly wakes us all. We all wake up. We all die. Ten years gone. I am still here. Cancer is still here.

Today, just like the other days, is unspecial. No day is special. Unless someone thinks it is. A special day, is only being disrespectful to the other days. It is to curse, the idea of a special day. To your own existence.

I watch this middle-aged married couple which lives by the side of my apartment for a while. That woman's hips are my specials. How long has it been that I realised there weren't any good neighbourhood in this city? Ten years, maybe.

I breath in the nitrous smoke of my cigarette with the nitrous smell in the air. I could never decide on which one was more nitrous. I walk for a while. Around that wet, muddy, and full of shit smelling rocky road. These people has builded up their home upon a tiny hill. They've also put some windows for their one storied rancid house. As if there is a worthy landscape to be seen. This fucked up city is not even worthy to be smelled.

I take my viewfinder. I'm at least one hundred meters away to that slum. The sky is as overcast as it could ever be. I live with a tsunami expectation for years in this neighbourhood, this fucked up place is at least ten miles away to the sea. I sometimes want to foretell an unnecessary prophecy, just like other people, for the city. Something like, this city would be erased from the map by a tsunami. It shouldn't be very hard to be supported by holy books. If all the people get the fuck out of here, this city might be endurable.

I start watching the house. If you put windows for your house in this city, you seriously want to be watched by me. To get peeked. Yes, I like this. The brown woman heads to the living room, shaking her hips. There is an indepence competition in between the hip lops of this woman. As if she doesn't own the hips but the hips own her. This woman thinks by her hips, smells by her hips, and makes love by her hips. It's like the center of gravity, the hottest spot in the whole world. As if she deserves to be peeked by me, even in that nasty peasant skirt. One day, when the guy beats up my brown woman again, I'm going to break in and kill him in front of her eyes. I don't have a gun and this is going to make me even wilder but it's okay. We're living in Cancerland, aren't we? Nobody asks me anything because I've killed a woman's husband. In fact, that's not the half of it. I'm going to replace the husband I've killed. Yes, I'm very sceptical to pay a whore. That ghetto woman and her hips are going to be mine soon and I'm going to be hers. Just like my viewfinder.

Monday, October 1, 2012


I used to make love when I had headaches, back then. Now all my body is sore. What could a little creature with black eyes do to me? To someone who was on the verge and said: "not now", someone that is no brave. I now ask the brain particle that gets rotted in my skull: "when will you end?" I am the paranoid that thinks all the world got together to destroy me. Yes.

When I want to live like these unconcerned women that wear daisies right on their ears, I now feel the thorns that stab my brain lobes through my skull. Still, those silence movie frames that go through my eyes, make me feel like I do have a brain. I once heard this sentence from a very bizarre animation movie: "Remembering is a more psychotic activity than forgetting." Yes. It exactly said this. I at least know that I am not a psycho. I accept it, like the people who agree with all these descriptive sentences. Yes, I am not a psycho. I am at least not this. I forget everything. I forget the people I thought I would never forget, the moments I said I would never forget, all of them... I one more time will fade away with my emotionless frame of my mind that hit the bottom till there is no even a tiny memory in my mind. How wonderful! I will become a goldfish soon. There won't even be a memory to forget. Who cares for someone who doesn't even remember a frame from his life? I now know the difference between saying, I don't remember and I don't know. That would be: NOTHING...

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Name is Paranoid

My name is Paranoid. I once left my girl supposing we could somehow get back together. I now smoke cigarettes to forget. I think, I did. If I didn't, why would I be even writing this? I am one of those idiots, who think that all the details of life are stable. I'm as paranoid as to pull the trigger that's put in my mouth. I never let the priority, don't I? Has anyone done anything before I have? Have I got anything to be upset with so that I can also be happy? 

That day, I glanced at my coffee on the table and exactly said this: "Do you know why people get happy?" I continued without waiting for another question over mine. "Because they know that some people are not." How could a person get happy if he knew that all people on the earth were happy? If all these people around the world were rich, being poor would be something wonderful.

There was an only one song in my head after these eternal discussions. Soul Kitchen by The Doors. Morrison said this:

"I light another cigarette,
Learn to forget."

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Democracy of Souls: Frankenstein

Democracy of Souls: Frankenstein: Frankenstein, est un roman gothique écrit par Mary Shelley et il critique la relation entre l’homme et le dieu, il a été transformé e...


Frankenstein, est un roman gothique écrit par Mary Shelley et il critique la relation entre l’homme et le dieu, il a été transformé en des bandes dessinées affreuse et qu’est complément bousillé avec l’effort de  « NTV maison d’édition » ; par contre, il y a deux films adaptations belle de Frankenstein : « Frankenstein, en 1931 » et « La Fiancée de Frankenstein, en 1935. »
Frankenstein en 1931, a été un film peu plus long qu’une heure et en noir et blanc, naturellement.  Le monstre dans le film a été différent ; bien au contraire, le monstre caractère du livre a été décrit.  Exemple, le caractère, qui a été joué par Boris Karloff, ne pouvait pas parler et il a été ressuscité avec le cerveau de quelqu’un morbide. Après la scène effarante dans la cimetière au début du film, Dr. Frankenstein envoie Fritz de voler un les cerveaux à l’Université. Il y a deux nombres cerveaux dans la classe. « Cerveau Normal » et « Cerveau Anormal ». Le cerveau, est défini à titre de « cerveau normal », est membre de quelqu’un qui n’a pas d’ennuis et il n’a pas d’ennuis psychologiques, aussi; mais, « cerveau anormal » est membre de quelqu’un qu’a une personnalité sadique. Après Fritz laisse cerveau normal sur le parquet, il prend l’autre et il ne parle pas sur l’accident à Dr. Frankenstein. L’action absurde se développe de cette manière. Originalement, l’énonciation de Le Fiancée de Dr. Frankenstein est mieux, techniquement; mais dans Frankenstein, l’histoire de ressuscitation de la monstre a été traité pour la première fois, les scènes fantastiques plus ont été traités, originalement.

Le rôle de Frankenstein a été offert à Bela Lugosi; mais lui-même, il a pensé qu’il abîme son charisme, probablement ; il a refusé. Par hasard, Lugosi, qui penser qu’il serait déshonoré avec le rôle de Frankenstein, n’a pas hésité jouer en les films de Ed Wood. Au total, il devint son dernier. La annotation, de je parle sur quoi, a été relaté dans le film de Tim Burton quel est Ed Wood (qui a été dénommé ainsi le réalisateur pire).
Il y a aussi des références mythologiques dans Frankenstein de Mary Shelley. Exemple, tel que le docteur vivifie le monstre avec la foudre. Originalement, c’est la référence à Prométhée de la grecque mythologie et puis cette œuvre a été publiée à titre de « Frankenstein ou le Prométhée moderne »  en Turquie.
Si nous citons sur Prométhée :
« Prométhée, qui a été su dénomme ainsi le fils de Iapetus, est le artisan expert. Il voler le feu de Zeus pour conduire y a l’humanité. Bien plus, selon un autre mythe, il crée l’humaine en l’argile et il a lui vivifié avec une partie de le feu divin. » La logique de rendre l’âme à l’humaine avec le feu, ici, elle a été symbolisée à titre de le foudre dans le film et le livre.
L’histoire de La Fiancée de Frankenstein s’est remplissant avec le drame et l’intrigue à l’encontre de l’horreur. Je pense que l’amour de Elizabeth et le docteur n’ont pas réfléchis bon (parce qu’on a focalisé plus sur le monstre); mais, le monstre ne parle dans ce film, à titre de le film première, a été bon. Sauf erreur, il a été fait avec les demandes de Boris Karloff. La fiancée aussi, a été bonne conçus. Littéralement, elle est une dame gothique.
Il y a aussi une parodie de Frankenstein, ainsi nommé « Frankenstein Junior » en 1974.
En somme, quand Frankenstein de Mary Shelley a une atmosphère gothique (l’ambiance pluvieuse et grisâtre de l’Angleterre, des bâtiments grands et anciens, la maison qu’est le docteur développe son travail et ainsi de suite), le Frankenstein avec Boris Karloff a été décoré avec l’horreur et la tension. Une petite annotation, je ne sais pas si Mary Shelley a essayé de multiplier l’intrigue avec les caractères turcs mais elle a écrit quelque chose irréel. Si tu ne sais pas sur les turcs, tu n’as pas écrit à. Nous sommes bien de la sorte à savoir. Exemple, dans le livre « Neuromancien » de William Gibson, il y a un livre à İstanbul. Il a décrit de façon qu’il ait été un turc. Mais les fixages de Mary Shelley sur les hommes turcs a été très bas et irréel.
En dernier, dans la chanson « My Creation » de l’album « Rust in Peace » quelle a été publiée après ans, il y a un Frankenstein référence. Cette chanson quelle est la plupart du peuple ne prête pas attention au album merveilleux; originalement, il a montré à nous comment capture une bonne énonciation avec les paroles simples. La voix de Dave Mustaine provient entre des riffs de guitare difficile :
« I’ll make for you
A soul-mate to love
Unlike your love for me,
And you’ll take my name.

She will be your bride,
She will serve me, too,
And I will introduce to you… the Bride!
The Bride of Frankenstein!”

Originalement, quand il a été une chanson qui critique la relation entre l’homme et le dieu, elle est devenue quelque chose comme : « Mary Shelley a aussi fait, pourquoi ne pas nous faire une référence de Frankenstein ? »