Friday, February 1, 2013

Sliding Through

Can’t see through the looking-glass,
Well, it must be better than tiles.
I’d like to drink your soul
When you die in my arms
And fly…

Lovely, lovely, a little blondie,
Took my heart away
From the girl
I always have.

Well, it has burnt me inside down. Let me be your teddy bear forever. You’re not able to hear me, are you? Keep your love warm for me, I’ll hold you when I need. Will it ever be better than this? Will our souls sign a peace in the lies?

Such a peaceful warrior. Licking upside down, take the African where you cum from. Creepy feelings and such. Death walks around us while we live our lives in a reflection of coincidences chain. Why so serious?

All stories start with a question. Is there an answer for this? Like this ancient philosophy, there is no an answer for anything. Even if there is, we’re not able to find out. So why this big puzzle? Screwing up our heads and minds. We have no any other options than living with lots of unknown shit holes. 

Words are numb, as much as you’re dumb,
Pretend that you’re fine, you’re always mine.
The more you chase me, 
The worse you’ll get me.

Well, well, well… So I can die easy.

Yellow Fall was my favorite season,
It’s not anymore, she said. They are not true, I’m the only one, I should say… 

Smile forever. Purpose of life is to end. Purpose of life is to be purposeless. Bit by bit. Take a glass of yellow milk. Thanks to you I will be done. I will be mindless as we’re walking the line…

Drop, drop, drop. Won’t it ever end, your tears? Something so naive and beautiful as the heart of a hogget. Will your little life understand its price? Have we fooled ourselves for all these years? From the love of a princess, I couldn’t deserve the rest.

Life is so shameful, dear. I must be your life. Can you forgive me? Please, do. 

I love you…

It’s such an awful thing to have your best and only friend dead in your heart. It’s not dead, it’s not forgotten, you always say. But does it even matter? Could you take the time back? Is the only thing we could not defeat death or time? Do we control everything else in the world? 

We want satisfaction.
We want lust.
We want chaos and disorder in our relationships.
We will want our bodies dead.
We will keep our souls in the cage.
Will we ever think we’ve been dying for so long? Each day of our lives erases a part of our souls. 

Blow me away…
Like a tiny flower in our minds, possessing our body holes bit by bit. Thanks a lot the government. “Sex can be liberty, it can also be an entrapment.” Once J. Morrison said. Have you forgotten the keys to my little heart? Have you forgotten to lock or unlock me? 

The beginning of the end… It always tells us how it’d end, how it’d screw us up, how it’d make us mad. When you’re in my arms, I can’t do anything else but sniff you. You’re my glue, you are the blue.

Lizard of the Blizzard, tell me how could you kill the wizard? Was it my fault that you were unpleasant? What is the fault of reasoning? We’re in between Planet of the Apes and Planet of the Monkeys. 

A pet chimp,
A killer pit bull,
Kill the lizard
And be faithful.

My love won’t ever stop for this nature. Wild, absent, and villain shocks and flocks my head. Help me, love. Help the one you’ve loved. I’m in a Tarantino movie, you hit the best shot but I wish I could know how to stop bleeding. It’s too bloody late, your tears have made me dead.

Cats and rabbits,
Never seen your little tips.
From the heart of a hogget,
Laying down in the bed, unpleasant.

I love the beginnings, in spite of the ends. Let’s hug each other. When your head is on my chest, when your little hands come through my body, I feel the best; much better than all the rest.

Love, love, love, I want your love. Forever and ever. I can’t breath without it. I’ve got the reasons for living and dying. What would I want more?