Wednesday, May 30, 2012

To Take Life Serious

He'd thought for a long long time. It seemed as if there was neither a story to be told, nor anyone to tell. He joined the crowd quietly. The sound of the silence seemed to be even more solemn this time. He walked around the streets, which were filled with people, until the streets swallowed up his personality. He'd seen a group of street musicians. At least, people who'd like to be known as street musicians. They were playing an old English folk song, with a guitar, harmonica, and side flute. They were just some other characters, who were trying to exist in the crowd. Just as "Following"s Bill did, he was questioning what was the rabble trying to catch up to? He always had a number of theories about people. Even though, his little conclusions about human behaviour made some people laugh, since he was so serious about the results that he'd figured out. Sometimes, he'd thought that people just walk around the streets because they want to create their own never-ending cycles. According to him, there wasn't another explaination as to why people keep the streets busy. In his mind, he'd always seen a picture that people just wake up and say: "Let's take a walk!" and they walked around the streets endlessly. The strangest thing in his mind was that people were so serious while doing that. He used to ask himself this question: "Why does a man who goes back to home from work wearing a long face?" "What's he got in his life that makes him this sad?" A friend of his used to say: "Everybody has something that they can't get over." There's always something that people take serious. But the question was: "Do people really take eachother serious?" He thought about the answer for a long time. As if there wasn't an answer, the question itself seemed like nonsense. But this was an another dilemma's
crescendoes of human-being. To expect to be taken serious by people who are never taken serious. Yes, people really would do this. At least, the whole truth was just like this in his mind. To take everything serious that has no meaning, or to expect everything that has no meaning to be taken serious.

He'd loved to work without any question. In his mind, even life without a meaning could not be wasted. Like the tears that rise when you expected them to fall, his life was also a frustration of flounder. As long as he'd seen the people give a direction to their lives with other people's lusts, his problems were getting bigger. He was thinking of the answer of the questions that ends with "Am I missing something?" A person without a time concept is inevitably obsessed with details. Being unable to put a price on anything was just in his nature. He was living for "right-now", there was nothing more than that. In his mind, there couldn't be and can't be. If something was wrong, it'd always be wrong. He used to reply: "While, there's right now, so
why would I think about the future?" to the people, who blame him about being a teenager. The life itself was like a never-ending prepartion step. According to Social Contrat, only a couple years would left for "living the life". Unconscious, preparition (which was the longest), to get married in order to be a useful person in the community (which was the strangest for him), to be forced by the community for a better position, to be retired and personal necessarities... There would be nothing to be left. Furthermore, nobody would give special treatment because of what you've accomplished. It was a "must-have" of community life. While, to get married and start a family was something most of the people didn't question; someone who puts a gold medal on you for what you've done was far away from the reality.

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